Kim Perkins
Kim Perkins, Traffic/QA Manager

The rapid flow of any bustling workplace can be a challenge to navigate... unless you happen to be Kim Perkins. In her role as Traffic Manager, Kim keeps a multitude of projects organized and moving through the company with both her keen, radar-like sense and her eye for detail. These powers of observation elevate her to top tier in her dual role as QA Specialist where she verifies that deliverables match specifications. While she enjoys traveling, Kim is a native Texan, born and raised in the DFW metroplex. Texas has her heart, much like her family—her husband of 32 years, Richard; their children, Amanda and Adam; grandkids, Lizzie and Kimmi; three dogs, Jimmy, Rufus, and Trixi; and though her heart seems full, there’s always room for her many friends and Walt Disney World.