Will Smith
Will Smith, Application Developer

When you’re born with a name like Will Smith, it’s no surprise your personal catchphrase is ‘gettin’ jiggy wit it.’ A University of Texas at Dallas graduate, Will holds a degree in Computer Engineering. He’s spent time at architectural firms and technology support companies, honing his skills and learning how to automate complex business problems and procedures. No one knows for sure what’s made Will such a technology prodigy, but it very well may be what sometimes holds others back. He has Aphantasia, a medical condition where one does not possess a functioning mind’s eye and makes them unable to voluntarily visualize imagery. We just think it makes him really cool and smart.

As an Application Developer, technology is second nature for Will. In his spare time, he loves watching documentaries and playing video games like Metal Gear Solid. He readily admits he’s addicted to Twitter (aren’t we all?). He enjoys spending time with his family and his Black Mouth Cur puppy, Gordon, and tabby cat named Macy. When he’s not working or playing video games, you might find Will listening to singer-songwriter Connor Oberst or watching his favorite TV show, The Office.