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  • Project:
    • Designer Jewelry Website
  • Solution:
    • E-Commerce
    • Websites
  • Industry:
    • Online Retailer
    • Jewelry

Ylang|23, a specialty design jewelry store in Dallas' famed Galleria Mall, attracts fashionistas around the world who appreciate its high-end, trendy designer jewelry and dedication to customer service.

The latest version of their ecommerce site, launched in October of 2007 (and reskinned in July of 2011), took their already very successful online business to new heights. It significantly improves the site's administration and management tools while bringing the look and feel forward to Ylang|23's modern persona. The more streamlined tools were implemented to simplify efforts and save time for Ylang|23. The new site also touts a Scene@23 gallery, new information architecture in the shopping experience, an email a friend feature and the ability to present related products to enable the user to Create a Collection from the fabulous finds at Ylang|23. Insite implemented the feature updates with a completely new look feel while leaving a most of the site's infrastructure intact, building on the old foundation with improvements in many areas and completely remodeling others.

Ylang|23's owner, Joanne Teichman, loves the new site, saying "The new website has gone beyond our dreams of not only breaking new ground in our industry, but providing us with the necessary tools to implement immediate updates, including new designers, new product, or breaking news and events. Ours is a fast paced and constantly changing fashion business, and the new site, which invites our clients to be part of the Ylang|23 experience, is expected to further push our online business. This is an amazing piece of work and it has been done to perfection. I have always said that with Insite, if we can dream it, they can do it."


  • 2011 MarCom Award - Platinum for E-Commerce
  • 2008 Communicator Awards: Silver for Shopping
  • 2008 Creativity Awards: Platinum for E-Commerce
  • 2008 W3 Awards: Gold for Shopping
  • 2006 EIMA Awards: Winner for Most Effective Email Campaign
  • 2005 Davey Awards: Silver for Retail
  • 2004 Horizon Awards: Gold for Sales/E-Commerce