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  • Project:
    • BNSF TV
  • Solution:
    • Digital Signage
    • Flash & Rich Media
  • Industry:
    • Railroad

Wanting to improve its internal communications, BNSF approached Insite with an idea - an internal news network that could be managed from BNSF headquarters and updated daily! Soon the BNSF News Network - a Web-based, 24/7 news broadcast - will be available at key locations across the BNSF system and eventually in over 209 locations.

The News Network will deliver BNSF information, regional and local news in an easy-to-read format that will include full-motion animation, video capability and photography. Every day, the broadcast will feature BNSF system news, including the latest Labor Relations and Safety information, as well as information specific to each division and location. It will be available 24/7 where employees work - including crew change points, break rooms and mechanical shops.