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In May of 2003, Cisco Systems created a Certifications Community as a knowledge sharing portal for its customer base of certified engineers located worldwide. Cisco intended to increase the participation in the Certifications Commuinty portal by 100 percent within a six month period in 2004. To build interest in and traffic on the Cisco Certifications Community, the program team decided to offer engaging tools to enhance the learning and recreational value of the site for the expert, professional and associate level certified engineers.

After studying the situation, learning games were identified as one of the means to promote distribution of information and participation within the community. The Cisco Learning Game Series provided educational value for the certified engineers; allowing them to hone and test their technical knowledge while providing a fun and engaging experience that encouraged repeat usage. This new means of communication and learning spread with viral force throughout the Certifications Community.

Most of the games below were originally created specifically for use on the Certifications Community. The series of games has since extended its reach and grown exponentially for internal training of Cisco employees, competitive play at tradeshows to promote the certification programs, and distribution on CD-ROMs through various sales channels.

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Youšve been chosen to build a Storage Area Network (SAN) at our Mars research station. Command a Rover to collect the correct components build a successful network, while dodging Martian impact craters and dust devils.
Learn about the benefits of IP Communication solutions as you roll out Cisco IP phones at the at IP Beats music store. You'll have to think and act fast to address issues with communication, inventory and customer service in this SIM-like game.
Test your subnetting knowledge by deciphering which replacement part is necessary to make repairs to a cargo bay. Once you have the answer, you'll have to hone your aiming skills to slingshot the part over to the repair robot. NOTE: In this demo version, the correct answer is revealed by clicking in the lower right corner of the screen.
You spaceship has just welcomed aboard a new alien race. It's your job to configure a series of wireless networks by installing access points, adjusting antennas and setting security so that the aliens can communicate wirelessly with your crew members.
Bring to bear your networking knowledge, gaming acumen, and awareness of security risks to fight the relentless attacks on your network. Your role is to defend your network - and score as high as you can.
You're working with a volunteer organization to enable workers out in the field to access the main servers. Move through rooms and get information from the game's characters that will allow you to ultimately configure a Cisco VPN concentrator.